Group Therapy

Group therapy in Slough

Groups therapy for all circumstances:

Group psychotherapy is a great way to understand how others see you and how you get on with other people.

It can help you to unite your emotional knots and see things from a new perspective. Group members learn they're not alone in the world with their problems, that there are many others who have similar experiences and feelings.

Group therapy is supportive and safe. The therapist puts in place boundaries, such as confidentiality and time limits, which are agreed by the whole group. As well as providing stability, safe boundaries and a non-judgmental stance, the therapist comments on the group process and enabling members to deal with feelings and issues raised.

We believe that in group therapy traumatic events we have experienced in the past, but were too young, inexperienced or otherwise unable to deal with at the time, can be made sense of and understood emotionally. The group can present a ‘here and now’ opportunity to ‘repair’ past emotional injuries by learning to interact with others in progressively more healthy ways.
Groups therapy
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