Counselling in Slough

Exploration of your emotional, cognitive and physical responses

As you tell me your story I want to discover and explore the unique emotional, cognitive, and physical responses to the situation(s) being discussed. 

I also want to discover what your typical patterns are for dealing with recurrent situations, and to devise strategies for beginning to develop new patterns of response which will have more satisfying results.

I believe many people come to therapy because self-protective strategies have become, or can also be, self-destructive strategies. Whilst I think it is important to challenge self-destructive strategy/behaviour. I can hopefully help to raise awareness of the behaviour or strategy in a way less likely to shame the client. I believe that empathy creates the best context for growth.

I am a counsellor based in Berkshire but my clients come from all across the area, including Slough, Windsor, Maidenhead, Ascot and Staines.
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For an appointment with an experienced counsellor please call
01753 535 457 or 07960 322 723
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What sort of steps will we make?

  • Discover typical patterns for dealing with recurrent situations
  • Understand the feelings that lie beneath self-protective-/self-destructive strategies
  • Work with you to change how the past affects the present
  • Working in a common process of discovery

What can you expect from a counsellor?

  • Relevant memories come to the surface and dreams can provide more information than they may have realised they had access to
  • Access an inner drive to fulfil potential, to become fully more of who we are
  • Facilitate self-actualisation and drive
  • Taking charge of your own life  
  •  I take account of the real world including the impact of trauma, cultural difference, sexual orientation, disability and social context

As your counsellor I will work face-to-face with you and employ techniques to suit your circumstances. This will include actively listening as you talk about your feelings and concerns. Specific advice is rarely given because you will be working with me in a common process of discovery.

Your first appointment will involve an assessment of your personal needs for counselling. You will build up an idea of what is involved and you will be able to make up your mind if I’m a person you can work with. It is important to be clear about what you want and what I am able to offer. Our relationship is at the heart of our work together.

I offer a free initial appointment, following which my fees, which are payable at the end of each session, are £50 for individuals - £70 for Couples (some concessions are available)

If we agree to work together on your issues it is important and a matter of mutual respect that you keep your appointments. If for any reason you need to cancel an appointment I will need at least 3 days notice.

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